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Get your hands in your pants

You have the right to touch your body. You have the responsibility for your body. You have the right to touch your genitals. You have the responsibility for your genitals. So why do we often place the responsibility for our bodies and genitals in the hands of someone else? I think it’s because we’ve learned to do so. As kids most of us have learned that other people know better what our body needs than we do. A lot of the time adults decided which and how many clothes we wore, what and how much we ate, when and how much movement we got (‘sit still or go outside and play’).

What rights did you have to touch and treat your body like you wanted?

I guess most of us have heard ‘get your hands out of your pants’ or were told in some other way that touching your genitals is a no-go, dirty or something you don’t do.

If something felt wrong, we went to a doctor to have it fixed. ‘You need someone specialized to heal you when something is out of balance’, is a belief most of us still have.

So I guess it’s not very strange that as adults we’re having a hard time taking responsibility for our bodies and genitals. It makes sense that we feel resistance to touch ourselves, or even feel dirty, guilty or ashamed when we do so, especially when other people are around.

For a lot of people it is much easier to let someone else, a partner or a professional touch their genitals. We’ve been taught that that is somehow more okay than to touch ourselves.

For most people it brings up less difficult emotions when they get touched by someone else (with consent) than when they touch themselves.It’s a tender, vulnerable process to start unwrapping all the beliefs and programming we have about touching ourselves and touching our genitals. It is a journey to really start to feel in your body that your body is yours.

You have a right to your body

You are also responsible for it.

Did you realize that ‘your body’ means your genitals are also a part of it? ;-)

That’s one of the reasons I created the Pelvic Self Release training and workshops. I love to support you in that tender process of getting re-acquainted with your own body, your own genitals. I believe it is our right and our responsibility to enjoy this part of our bodies and take really good care of it. Would you like to start your journey as well? There are several possibilities to enjoy my support in your journey: - Join the Lingam or Yoni Self Release workshop (2 and 3 March 2019) - Join the Pelvic Release workshops for couples (6-7 July 2019) - Join the online Pelvic Release training - Book an individual session with one of the Pelvic Release practitioners to learn the Self Release techniques. You can find an overviews of the workshops here: You can find the Pelvic Release Practitioners and the online training here:

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