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Yoni Self Release workshop - by Rosalie Stange

"I went to a yoni self release workshop, by Marielle Spronck and her practitioners from Avalanche Bodywork. Just the day before, they hosted a lingam self release workshop. Both were a one day workshop, where they shared info on the anatomy on our pelvis; on our nerve system and how to relax it; on fascia (my newest and most exciting discovery!); on the Psoas, our body’s most important muscle, where we also hold most tension ánd traumatic energy {I will follow a course next week at Avalanche on how to release the Psoas, to be able to integrate this into the massage therapy I offer} and off course, last but not least; our precious YONI (the word for all parts of our sexual organs/parts together) and how she operates and can be taken care off; hence the Self Release part.

FASCIA; are you aware of fascia in the body? Did you know, fascia is the interweb of the body, fascia CONNECTS ALL IN the body? I was not aware of the important role of fascia; it is a structured web that dances (yes, fascia is alive and it moves, all the time, see youtube video I add at the end of this email) right under our skin, and in between ALL our organs & muscles. 4 to 5 kilo’s of our bodyweight is fascia. (*5 kilo for an average caucasian male body, a little under 4 kilo’s for an average caucasian female body)

Now, fascia is mostly water. And we probably all heard of Dr Emoto’s water foundings, how water reacts on energy, emotions? Can you imagine, how the fascia reacts to emotions, and how it is capable of storing emotions?!! Marielle showed us how much fascia is located between all those muscles in the pelvis. Then she mentioned, that during our period, the womb wants to move to shed blood, yet that, when the fascia is too hardened due to holding trauma – the hardening is a natural body’s reaction to protect us from further damage - we will endure lots of pain during the bleeding. Same goes for having sex; sex is not meant to hurt. Period is not meant to be painful.

How many of us woman ánd men on this earth DO think it is normal to experience pain?? Right. Understand my excitement and awe now, and my upcoming motivation to share this with the world, and wish to start helping women with this? And first, always first, myself, since I have pain during my menstruation?

Remember in my previous email I spoke of vaginal numbness? Numbness, is an after effect of the fascia that hardens. Also, a way of the body to protect us from further damage. And so this is something we can work on, that is NOT normal…

Marielle, kept going, astonishing me with more info: she showed us the anatomy of the clitoris, and how the legs of the clitoris, have in between them, and the vaginal canal & urethra, tissue that is similar to a men’s tissue in his penis (called bulb of vestibule, see added image), which will create an erection. This tissue swells up when arousal is happening, which is needed for both penis & vagina, to get ready for intercourse. For this tissue, to fully be ready, it needs about 20-45 minutes of arousal. Both, for men, ánd women. BOTH.

How often, have you taken, or being given, the time to fully be ready? How often, do men give themselves, this time? My ‘wooden shoe broke’, my ears popped, my belly started feeling excitement ánd full of disbelieve… 20 TO 45 MINUTES?!?! Always?! First?!

Hell yes!!!! And o no!!! How often have I not, taken, or asked, or given, this time?

Some tears came, for my body, my yoni, and how I have misunderstood and -treated her.

You get me?

Perhaps it is time, we choose to make a change, perhaps it is time, we do our best to understand our inherent nature, our body, and we tend to the trauma we carry and alliviate pain. For ourselves, for our children to come, perhaps, for our relations, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…

Thats how I feel. And I feel so happily motivated, to work in this area, both collectively, and personally.

And not just for the femme’s. For the men also. Marielle dropped that a bend penis, a curve, or a bump, is not normal, it is hardened fascia. And in men’s world, this is seen as normal, because, for them, there is nobody to turn to. Us woman, are more and more sharing on our intimate parts & experience. How many women’s circle’s you have heard of, and how many men’s?

Next, men think, mostly, they always have to be ready, be hard, to perform, directly. And some women might think so too! How much pressure is this? No wonder, there is less space for emotions for them. (both men & women!)

Now i’d like to make a change, for our world, and it starts with balancing out, male & female energies. Holding space, for both, and that starts with educating ourselves.

As a small bonus, she shared, that the best way to make love, is to let the penis, with the tip, at the vagina opening, until she will swallow it. Ha! She WILL, when she is ready, open herself. And then, when sloooowly, going in all the way, resting when mr penis meets any hardening or tension or resistance, letting the cervix and the penis tip, meet, kiss a bit, make out. Not moving! Until, the woman, the vagina, will BEGG FOR IT.

Then, and only then, is she ready. For when we do not, we create more fascia hardening, more trauma. (small side note, to both genders: wo-men, when a woman is wet, doesn’t mean her tissue is fully ready & aroused! Only when having experienced sex in a sustainable way, allowing aaalllll that goodness to flow through, do you know the difference…and we are not even close, not being connected to the truth of our sexual parts. Marielle shared her experience with orgasms that feel as if being in utter bliss for A FEW DAYS. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it…)

All this being said, my motivation, is the idea period & sex hurt, and that that is normal. And when having experienced excruciating pain every month again, I take it as my personal mission to help myself, and o the way, others when possible, to unfold this mystery, to educate ourselves, and some day, walk around in utter bliss too. "

Allright! I say YES TO REVOLUTION! Yes to truth!

by Rosalie Stange

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